The 8 Unique Advantages of Buy-to-let Property Investments

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Buy-to-let property investments are superior investment vehicles due to some unique advantages:

1. Readily available educational material

Basic buy-to-let property investment education material is readily available from various property investment training and education sites at a fraction of the loss UNEDUCATED investors make on their first investment.

2. Part time low risk business

Accumulating, leasing and managing properties (passive income-generating assets) is called buy-to-let property investing and is favored by most part time property investors who still have a primary active income generating job. Buy-to-let property investing is a part time business like any other business, but it is less time consuming with better returns and lower risk than most part time businesses, if you know how to invest in property.

3. Abundance of available buy-to-let property stock

Buy-to-let type properties are in abundance and with some CashPlus creativity can be bought way below market value, if you know how and where to look.

4. Easy finance availability

Finance for your business (property mortgage) is readily available from reputable competing financial institutions at preferential interest rates. (Using other people's money) If the property is bought the CashPlus way (at below market value and in the correct structure), you do not need 100% bonds or have to pay any upfront cash or have to subsidize your initial investment resulting in a dramatic enhancement of your investment return at a reduced financial risk.

5. Readily available property professionals

Property professionals securing finance (bond originators) and property investment portfolio managers (rental agents) are readily available at competitive fees. (Using other peoples time)

6. No overheads or employee requirements

You do not need large overheads or to manage any employees and you can comfortably manage your property investment portfolio part time from home.

7. Extremely tax effective

Correctly structured Buy-to-let property investments are extremely tax effective, mainly due to the high gearing interest expense that is tax deductible.

8. Easiest way to become financially free

Buy-to-let properties (passive income-generating assets) have the potential to, within a short period of time, create sufficient passive income to make you financially free and create wealth for you, your family, children and grandchildren for generations to come, if you know how.

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The 8 Unique Advantages of Buy-to-let Property Investments

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This article was published on 2010/04/01