Tips On Real Estate Investment In Australia

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Property Investment in Australia
There's no secret formula to our success, just 7 proven steps to take you all the way up the property ladder to true financial freedom.
Step 1 - Financial Health Check
At your initial appointment, your Property Investment Planner - in strictest confidence - will seek information such as income, expenses, assets and liabilities. He/she will then let you how much you may be able to borrow and suggest what can be done to enable you to safely take your next step up the property ladder.
Step 2 - Set Goals
What is your ultimate dream? Why do you want to invest in property and what do you hope to achieve by doing so? Clearly understanding and mapping out your property investment journey, and setting your sights on your big vision for the future will help you get there quicker.
Step 3 - Develop Strategies
This is where your goals start to be realised. We help you evaluate such things as the best ownership structure, the right finance package and how best to optimise your income and protect your tax position. Getting the structure for your portfolio right from the outset can make all the difference to your success. And if you already have a portfolio, it's not too late to re-evaluate it. A good structure can give you peace of mind and add thousands of dollars to your portfolio's bottom line.
Step 4 - Property Selection
Location is vital for capital growth. The key factor is demand which is underpinned by population and employment. We offer a selection of prime new properties in top quality suburbs, with a proven history of both strong capital growth and rental demand, plus strong, long term capital growth potential. The best place to research for investment properties in Australia is
Step 5 - The Purchase
In conjunction with your solicitor, we will guide you through the purchase process from finance approval to settlement. Buying property can be one of the biggest hurdles for many would-be investors, but having an expert by your side can really simplify this process and remove the stress.
Step 6 - Monitor & Review
Regular ongoing reviews are essential to manage your property investment(s). We will regularly assess the performance of your investment properties and suggest strategies to further enhance your financial returns.
Step 7 - Create a Portfolio
Most investors never make it beyond one or two properties. With your own personal Property Investment Planner assisting with specific goal setting, revision and strategic mapping of an investment template however, you'll find yourself fast tracking your way to your own lucrative property portfolio.

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Tips On Real Estate Investment In Australia

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This article was published on 2010/11/25